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Increase Peace Everywhere (IPE) is unapologetically smart about style, life and action. As a lifestyle platform, IPE produces socially conscious cloth to inspire positive social change.

The IPE peace tree logo symbolizes communities who are resilient, unbreakable, durable, and stand the test of time irrespective of the oppression they have experienced. IPE provides inspiration, hope, and peace to the oppressive environments around the planet where our people are striving to be free.

IPE is the best of education, resistance, and activism. I can wear something beautiful, and make a statement, teach a lesson, or resist oppression without saying a word. It affords me the opportunity to be an activist even in spaces where I am not allowed to speak the language of activism. Plus the clothes are just fly!
— -Daveed Digs (@DaveedDiggs)

IPE — 17


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