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IPE Cloth believes in the power of education to transform lives. We believe change starts with us. We give to various educational organizations such as UCLA, UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Why these universities? These universities assisted founder and creator La Doctora in her educational trajectory. If you want us to consider your school or university contact us. 


IPE Cloth supports organizations who fight for a world where everyone is valued regardless of wealth, sexual preference, or race/identity. The ACLU is an organization we align with. 

IPE Cloth supports organizations who empower communities 

At IPE Cloth, we believe improving the lives around us everyday is essential to our survival. We give away a percentage of our profits to organizations who are transforming lives in the United States and beyond.
— La Doctora (IPE Founder)

If that's you, let us know what you're doing and how we can assist.

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Increase Peace Everywhere (IPE) is unapologetically smart about style, life and action. As a lifestyle platform, IPE produces socially conscious cloth to inspire positive social change.