The Purpose of Me and Mine

Whether intricate or simple, the interactions we have with others have the capacity to impact us in profound ways.  

I had the opportunity to engage with a homie and he helped me further reflect on why me and mine needs to be preserved how I see it and continue to do me no matter what! Thank you for the reminder. This is dedicated to you and us.

The moments when we validate or feel validated are by far the most impactful. 

Based on the power of validation, what then is the purpose of me and mine? 

First, the only ground rule for this conversation is that you and yours can't tell me and mine what is authentic. 

No one but me and mine get to say who I/We am, what I/We will be and what I/We will stand for. I have to make sure you understand this if you will be in my space and engage with my energy. 

I'm indignant and I am the DNA of my mama and papa! That means legacy, ancestors and Brown Beauty! One more thing while I am at, I was born and raised in Boyle Heights and you can't tell me what that means. 

I say that in many of my writings  because I'm not down with anyone telling me and mine how to rep my turf. My authenticity is me and ain't no one coming up in here and defining me and my peoples.

Now that you know, you can never tell me you didn't know and didn't mean to offend me. NOW YOU KNOW!

The next time you come on my soil come correct. Don't come professing that you built this. We built this, my family built this and my peoples built this. 

Where were you when my mom and dad were locked up for hours in our Bridal Shop on Brooklyn/Cesar Chavez Ave working to support three kids? And to remind you, we been in Boyle Heights over (40+)  years. So, where were you? Not in Boyle Heights. Let me tell you where you were. You were somewhere in another state or the west side of LA never thinking about us.  

So, the purpose of me and mine is to exist as we please and as my homie Dr. David Stovall says, interrupt your ignorance when I hear it, see it and feel it.

In Solidarity,

La Doctora 


La Doctora