Love thy Neighbor

WE see them.

WE hear them.

But do WE feel them?

No WE Don’t.

I see WE disregard them.

I see WE cover our ears to silence their yells.

I see WE push them away with disgust.

Why do WE not love thy neighbor?

WE think our neighbors are only those enclosed behind walls.

WE think they have to look, sound, and act a certain way.


Why? because WE think money means love.

Why? because WE think certain clothes means power.

Why? because WE think certain language means education.


Neighbor means those around us at any moment.

Neighbor means those that look diverse.

Neighbor means those that need help.

Neighbor means those that sleep on the subway.

Neighbor means those around the block who sleep on the sidewalk.

Neighbor means ALL of US around US at any moment.

Love thy Neighbor, WE NEED EACH OTHER.

In Solidarity,

La Doctora

La Doctora