For the Love of Tamir

For the love I feel for Tamir Rice--let the kids play! With the recent announcement of no conviction in the case of 12 year old Tamir Rice who was murdered by a police officer, I yell out-let the kids play in peace. How can we sustain our humanity when our children are dying in what is supposed to be a safe haven--the playground. 

We must think how the death of Tamir Rice signals to our Black and Brown children to fear for their lives as they laugh, sing, dance and play. Why must our children consistently endure the brunt of our societal dysfunction? Why must we place trust in a law enforcement system that murders our children? I ask these questions because I advocate for the unveiling of the truth. The truth is that Tamir Rice had the right to play. After all, toy guns are sold in toy stores across the world to countless children. The issue is that Tamir Rice’s killer would not point a gun or stare down a white child brandishing a toy gun in a playground in Brentwoood, Beverly Hills or any other affluent white neighborhood. Moreover, Tamir’s killer arrived at the playground and after two seconds shot and killed Tamir and did not provide medical assistance. Instead, Tamir’s sister was tackled, handcuffed and held in the patrol car. How can we stand by and allow this to happen to our children? It is time to rethink if those that are supposed to protect and serve need weapons of mass destruction to perform their job duties. I for one would prefer that law enforcement be provided more training to use their trigger finger less and use their mouth piece more. 

We at IPE join those that stand up for the lives of our Black and Brown children. I want my son to be able to laugh and play freely in a playground and not run the risk of police brutality or murder. It is for this reason that IPE’s release of "Kids at Play" is instrumental to highlighting that our Children of Color are subjected to constant trauma. We must stand up for Tamir Rice and all children. Tamir we are with you in the struggle against police brutality and creating peace for our children. Rest in Peace young solider! We miss you! 



La Doctora