IPE Cloth--We are here!

We have always been here, but today we arrive. With the authenticity we carry in our heart and mind, we declare that we are unapologetically smart.

To be unapologetically smart requires a keen observation for detail and critical thinking. The dynamic reflection that IPE Cloth provides is what we bring to our movement. The cloth on our bodies provides for a existential experience. Simply Cloth for the sake of coverage is not what we purport to do. Rather, we create cloth for personal reflection and communal existence. It is our Cloth that assists to develop movements that align our process and procedure to act with intention and mindfulness. 

If intentionality is not present, authenticity lacks. This is why IPE Cloth moves, speaks, and lives to pulsate your soul. If you are new to emotions of real, raw and authentic,  welcome home. For those who are home, we say continue to voice and move with integrity, love and light. 

We at IPE Cloth believe our present calls for a need to act strategically so that our future exudes intentionality for the empowerment of our peoples. Let us be your strategist to develop dynamic action for those we love. 

I declare, we are here unapologetically smart, we are IPE Cloth.

In Solidarity,

LA Doctora

La Doctora, PHD

IPE Owner

La Doctora