All eyes on Me--Yo soy Yo!

With the recent release of "All Eyez on Me," I am motivated to speak about the idea that all eyes on me is similar to one of my mantra's: Yo Soy Yo! The idea that I stand tall with hope, love integrity, and bravery. Similar to Tupac, I believe the notion that vocalization of "power to the people" is essential in an effort to transform.

The question is, "what role will you have in this transformation?" 

I appreciated the moment that Tupac's mother tells him that "they will give you the tools to destroy yourself." I reflected and it brought me to the idea that Ethnic Studies curriculum is the push affairs to the the tool that I have received from a young age--their history. History is critical to understand ourselves as a people and love our richness. Therefore, the denial and banning of our history is a intentional act to destroy us. They want us to experience self-hate and divide and conquer us as People of Color! This is why I am a huge advocate that we must give all our gente (people) the tools to love thy self and cherish those we share space! I defer in my case to Rage Against the Machine's, "People of the Sun!" In this magical and lyrical expression, Zach the lead singer reminds us that we, Xicanx are descendants of mother sun! For my partners peoples, I look to lyricist such as Bambu to remind us that they are people of strength and courage. I look to our intentional act of naming our son, after King Lapu-Lapu. Our son carries legacy. For our Black brothers and sisters I look to lyricist like Kendrick, tyson amir, Quincy White, Daveed Diggs and Joey BadA$$ to tell truth of black richness and struggle. In struggle, we learn our capacity to push against constructs of hate. Finally, for my Asian American

Family I think of activist and speaker Lee Mun Wah, whose first appearance on "The Color Of Fear" documentary shares the pain of white supremacy.  This is the same documentary that I saw as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and left me stricken with the idea that I had to take action. 

What I leave you with is the idea that Yo soy Yo so Keep all eyez on me because I will be the change you have been waiting for--IPE Cloth is change! 

In Solidarity,

La Doctora
La Doctora, PHD


La Doctora