"So many tears"--Fashion, Protest and Cloth!

The tears that flow from my eyes exude the scent of rage and love. Homage to one of the greats--Tu Pac, brother, indeed so many tears!

My tears are authentically mine and result from authentic struggle.! Ain't no fakery here! Raury, Atlanta based musician pushed the fashion giant D&G to question theirintegrity because our lives are not to be a mockery for others to profit. I do realize so many others are making money from our views, our lives, our struggle! But look here--I will contact you and find out what you were thinking---Kendall Jenner And Pepsi.

This ain't no game, this is our lives. Take the Cloth seriously because it has the power to change the situation. Never underestimate our power and voice. We live it and it is inappropriate to use your runways to profit from our struggle. As TuPac said in his 1995 interview inside the correctional facility, "don't support the phonies, support the real." Place your power behind causes and people you believe in.

At IPE Cloth we stand with our integrity intact, our realness in our soul and our political ideology in our hearts. This is why we are intentional with each cloth we send into the world--our causes are a matter of life and death and we don't take what we do lightly. Our bodies and mind experience trauma or what we call in academia, Racial Battle Fatigue. Racial Battle Fatigue is the notion that we People of Color experience physical manifestations of pain such as high blood pressure, weight loss or gain, and stress as a result of experiencing racism, sexism and other forms of injustice. Therefore, because all is political, so too is the Cloth on our backs. So remember that what we place on our soul should carry our true intentions.

Please join us as we stress the importance of creating a movement and change.

In Solidarity,
La Doctora

La Doctora