What's Cracking?--NOT US?

What's cracking--NOT US! Working away and stressed to meet deadlines, I receive a call from my life! 

He shares that while he and our colleague are sitting outside our colleagues apartment complex, they are approached by a young Black Male.

This individual begins yelling profusely, "move beaners, you all don't live here! You don't belong here!" My Life and our colleague tried to calm down the male and inform him that he needs to chill out and indeed our colleague does reside in the apartment complex. Our colleague leaves to check on his babies because he became nervous that this aggressive neighbor could physically attack his family. As he left, my life waited outside.  What he heard and felt next left him in shock. He felt what he thought was a golf ball hit his back. In reality, it was an egg thrown at his back that cracked on the sidewalk. He looks up surprised and sees and hears the young black male yell at him-- "This is Trump Era, get use to this you beaner!" He storms off and runs into his apartment.

This personal moment in my family's life makes me think about the colonized mind and the tactic of "divide and conquer." It is a fact that Communities of Color are often pitted against each other in the quest for land, money and overall capitalistic success. We need to stop hurting each other and focus on the collaboration and strength that our communities united provide against the disease of white supremacy. So I say to the egg cracking brother who offended my family, take a step back look in the mirror because they don't love you like I love you, they are using you. As Pharrell Williams said on stage at the 2017 Hip Hop Awards, "the enemy is this divisive mentality...I am African American, African means what is within me and American means this is where I am." So don't be fooled egg-throwing homie, they don't want you to be a part of their family, they are using you. Stop pretending and let's collaborate and build! 

In Solidarity,

La Doctora 

La Doctora