Ain't No Alien Up in Here!

I am disgusted when I hear the word Alien used to refer to individuals that according to U.S. law do not have the "right" to legally reside in AmeriKKKa. When I hear the word Alien, it brings flashbacks to my childhood,  holding my dad's "green card" in my hand and trying to make sense of this green card.  Jeff Sessions, announcement that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) will no longer be in place and intentionally using the word Alien to refer to Dreamers disgust me.

It upsets me because "Ain't No Alien Up in Here!" Rather, up in here are the Dreamers that help support our economy, that help bring greatness to our higher education institutions. So don't you dare refer to me/us as Aliens. This land belongs to no one except Mother Earth! Borders were constructed by white men to divide and conquer the magical people of the Americas! Therefore, when you hear someone use the word Alien to refer to me/us, stop them in their tracks, interrupt their ignorance and enlighten them with the power of me/us and that we are a proud people who help run this country! 

I dedicate my fire and passion to all Dreamers. I am here for you, we are all here for you. Stay in school.  Today, I had a dreamer tell me she wants to drop out because she fears being deported and not being with her familia. No, that is what they want you to feel--FEAR! Do not let them control you, rather, you control your emotions and use your power to be present in educational spaces. Today, repeat after me: "I am Brown, Proud and Unapologetic about who I am!" 


La Doctora 

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